Environmental Statement


The Son Bauló Hotel is a three-star hotel located on the seafront and bordering a nature reserve. Since the beginning of its activity, the hotel has been firmly committed to the environment.With a functional and organic architecture, they emphasize the spaciousness of the common areas and their sea views.

The hotel has 251 rooms equipped with a full bathroom, telephone, satellite TV, air conditioning in summer and winter, plus all the services required by a hotel of its category. It offers a buffet serviced restaurant and two snack bars, one by the pool, and another one that serves the lounges and the terraces overlooking the beach.

In its lounges you can find a games room, a reading room, two TV rooms and a corner to connect to the Internet. It has an outdoor pool for adults and another one for toddlers. Aware of the importance of the natural environment for the hotel industry of the Balearic Islands, and for citizens in general, the Hotel Son Bauló in all the improvements carried out gives priority to the environmental variable.

PIn 1994, the hotel was already awarded, among all its hotels worldwide, with a “World Award” by Thomson Holidays, in recognition of the initiatives taken to preserve the environment. Since 2003, the hotel has followed a documented environmental improvement program, taking advantage of the Ecotur program, in order to reduce or eliminate any environmental impact and thus contribute to the preservation and improvement of our natural environment.


Environmental Policy


One of the objectives of HOTEL SON BAULÓ is to make compatible the protection of the environment with the development of its activities and services. This entails defining our environmental policy that aims to improve its relationship with the environment, for this reason, HOTEL SON BAULÓ defines this environmental policy, the action guidelines of which are:

FULFILL: the requirements established by the legislation on environmental protection.
EVALUATE: the repercussions on the environment of activities and services, both current and future, in order to prevent pollution from its origin.
UPDATE: this policy and the environmental management program, as well as the rest of the elements of its environmental management system, in accordance with the results obtained in the periodic evaluations.

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How we reduce, minimise and manage our impact on the environment



Our hotel follows an environmental plan, among other actions: We consume organic products whenever is possible. We avoid useless packaging, such as individual portions. We use ecological soap in rooms. We do not have lights on the balconies (by law), since we are next to a nature reserve. We do not have music or performances on our terraces near the nature reserve. We recycle all our waste, especially oils, glass and papers. We use solar energy for lights and showers on terraces. We only use plastic bottles on terraces or near the pool (to avoid broken glass)


How can you help?



Please use our litter bins with waste separation. Can you imagine the amount of towels that are washed daily on the island and the detergent necessary for it? If you think you can use your towels once more, fold them and leave them on the towel rack.

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Commitment to our employees and respect for human rights



We we mahe our staff, customers and suppliers aware of the importance of small initiatives to get great results.

We guarantee a dignified, fair and equal treatment, encouraging professional development. We have an anti-discrimination policy to promote equality between men and women; and overcome social prejudices. We have an inter-institutional protocol for the detection, prevention and care of sexist violence.

We consider people as our main value since the service depends fully on the direct relationship between the client and the human team.

We apply maximum rigor policy in health and safety to protect customers and employees.

We prioritize on-the-job training and internal promotion through professional training, safety, hygiene, health and sustainability.

Our team is characterized by its loyalty to the company.

We Promote Human Rights and, in particular, the Children Rights. We have and comply with a “in case of abuse protocol”

We reject and condemn the exploitation of human beings, in any of its forms, especially sexual and in particular when it affects minors.


We are committed to our local community and protect our local traditions



We respect, and promote the local culture and the local environment.

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Quality politicies


Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities. To achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, quality management is based on the following objectives and commitments:

Establish close and permanent contact with customers to be able to anticipate their needs and address them.

Objectively measure the level of our customers satisfaction as a basis to make continuous improvements in our product and our service.


Health and safety policy


We are committed to compliance with the following principles:

Evaluate the risks in order to eliminate or reduce them in the workplace.

Provide and guarantee a safe and healthy environment, maintaining workplaces, in adequate conditions from the point of view of the safety and health of customers and employees, in order to eliminate or minimize accidents and diseases.


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